Dubbing Chris Lilley with 6 Characters


One of the most challenging experiences of my professional career was voicing the TV series ‘Lunatics’. It was not a famous TV series, Chris Lilley was not known in Turkey, but he made a series that was the most troublesome for a dubbing artist. He was playing 6 characters and THREE of them were WOMEN!

As if all these difficult conditions were not enough, the improvisation was used abundantly. In such cases, the job of both the translator and the dubbing artist is quite difficult. I will not be modest at all, it was 6 times more difficult for me!

ps:I take great pleasure in my job, no matter how challenging it is. At the same time, I love this type of complains because I have this ‘special profession’ 🙂

Putting aside my complaints, this project was a great challenge for me professionally. While I am dubbing, I love to immerse myself in the emotions of the project. My most important task; To accurately convey the acting of the actor I am dubbing and to add as little commentary as possible*. Dubbing word comes from doubling. It’s like duplicating, repeating. It should not be forgotten that this is indispensable both in order not to disrespect the actor and every person who has contributed to that job, and to convey the message to the audience.

*from time to time when localizing something; ‘local’ touches to support or make the content understandable are of course necessary, but this should never get in the way of the project..

Returning to the content of the series, our creator has created a one-man freak show. While dubbing, I saw the “freak” in myself; It was a project that made me sad and laughing from time to time. be a part of such projects; It takes the pleasure I get from my profession to a very high level.