Voicing My Childhood

I’ve voiced many characters and actors that I’ve enjoyed throughout my career, but perhaps the most dazzling of all was voicing Winnie and Tigger. Being the voice of characters I watched as a kid!

Bülent Kayabaş

Bülent Kayabaş, my very dear colleague and important voice of my childhood, passed away in 2017. He never knew me, but he was someone I loved very much among the voices of my childhood. actually this is a somewhat sad, somewhat happy story; It started with the guest of Winnie The Pooh characters in a Disney cartoon on Disney’s television channel in Turkey. The total duration of the characters’ scene was 8 minutes and the dubbing director of the Project said she wanted to get a audition from me.

Had it been another project, I would have found such a selection pointless but when it comes to a very important character and a distinguished client like Disney, the sensitivity shown was quite understandable.With incredible enthusiasm, I dubbed the test recording.

But then it continued with a song audition and then a few more audition recordings. I could no longer understand such a long selection process for such a short project; I was stunned by the news that the movie ‘Christopher Robin’ was coming. After the movie news, I continued with many meetings and auditions. Now that they could make as many auditions as they wanted, I was fully engaged in giving the try recording over and over.


But being chosen didn’t mean it was over, of course. Now, as someone who has taken over the flag from Mr. Kayabaş, I had to both put myself and continue to convey the warmth he made me feel. I don’t remember ever having so much confusion and performance anxiety about my profession.

As a result, I did a job that I’m really proud of, my eyes filled with tears while dubbing and watching it on the movie screen, and I had the opportunity to show off my son, who is now 4 years old, when he grows up.

Mom; I’ve been Winnie and Tigger!