Your Online Dubbing Director is on your Service

I have had various experiences in Online Dubbing directing, but this time I would like to share a much more comprehensive and enjoyable experience for me. This project, implemented with the own software of the company I work for, is truly inspiring – liberating and absolutely devastating!

About a month ago, we agreed with a project manager from the Company team for the first seasons of Rainbow High and House of Surprises. I had some reservations about implementing this project, which we will implement with approximately 13-15 different voice actors, online. However, the process went smoothly with a great Casting team that values my ideas and new voice actors I met.

Rainbow High

Honestly, Dubbing directing in studios was something I was more used to looking into the eyes of the voice actor and telling what I wanted with my gestures and facial expressions. However, among the many possibilities offered by the program, it is also possible to conduct an online meeting and even a session directly on the software!

With the opportunities offered by the Software, it is very easy to detect and intervene in localization problems, and it is possible to produce solutions just as quickly. While directing dubbing in the studio under normal conditions, due to the broadcast schedule; I could only watch the projects I managed on the air, so it is often not possible to do anything when there is a problem. But with that software, if you plan well, you’ll have the opportunity to watch your project before mixing, so you can “really” run it in depth!

House of Surprises

I had previously worked with that company as a dubbing director on another project, but this time I had the opportunity to experience on their software in depth and I am very happy about it.
Let’s enjoy the technology we have until AI takes our jobs and wait for AI to put us out of business.

Thanks! 🙂